Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have them. Everyone does. So lets see if we can’t make this easy and cover most of your questions right here:

Frequently asked questions:

What do you have to do to be involved in the short film festival selection?:

We ask that if you have a short film that was made in the last two years then you submit it via Film Freeway, who we use exclusively for our short film submissions. The main thing is, in the spirit of what the UK Actors Tweetup team (and all our international counterparts) aim to create, this is all about sharing the remarkable work of the people who make our events so magical – YOU!

Where can I see all the judges from 2015 and 2016.

They’re all available here on our TweetFest website.

What if I’d like to volunteer to help out at the festival?

We love volunteers! And we love more hands to help make the whole night magical. And it means you’ll also get a free ticket to the gala! If you fancy being a volunteer or helping to organise the actual festival leading up to the gala screening, please email us for details.

How can we see more about how to submit our short film?

Go to our FilmFreeway page for more information. When submissions are being accepted, we will notify everyone on our mailing list so those who would like to get their short submitted for the early bird discount, can do so.

If my film makes it through to the finals, will it be available online for anyone to see it?

No we don’t make any of the finalist’s short films public unless they say that we can. We do however request a still of the film for publicity, and we also love to get trailers for the finalists if they’re available so we can promote your short in the leadup to the gala, as much as possible.

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