Just under two weeks left

We have the venue, we have the judges, we have the awards.


Right now, all of our amazing first round of judges are starting to watch the submissions for 2017. It’s terribly exciting for us here at headquarters. But we can’t crack open the bubbly just yet, because entries are still open for another week and we want your submission.

Do you know that all the finalist short films will be seen by the likes of huge film and television casting directors, the comedy development team over at Hat Trick, and some of the most wonderful UK based award winning feature film directors and producer? Yep, it’s a pretty big deal to get your short film in front of our panel. And even then, before you even get to the gala, we have award winning directors, producers, a production company, a literary agent and more viewing all the first round of submissions. WOAH!!!!

So why TweetFest? Well we decided that our humble networking event that started over 8 years ago needed a platform for the members work to be showcased. It wasn’t enough that we meet monthly, hold talks for our members and have some rather excellent summer and Christmas parties. We wanted more. Our audience wanted more. TweetFest was born because we believe that showcasing excellent shorts just isn’t done in and around London enough….at least for our members it’s not.

And we would love you to be a part of that. See you at the gala (tickets will be on sale soon).

short films


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