Best Actress and Best Actor nominations for 2019

Every year we delight in giving two lucky folk the Best Actress and Best Actor award. We love actors, and as most of our readership will know, they make up a huge part of our organisation. 
This years contenders are brilliant. They’re talented, creative and daring. They made bold and beautiful acting choices and captured the judges attention. 
We are thrilled to announce the contestants up for this award in 2019 are…

Best Actress nominations

Olivia Lee in Who’s The Daddy

Kellie Shirley in Who’s The Daddy

Pippa Hinchley in Killing Christmas

Clare Read in My Time

Nicola Stuart Hill in Bad Mother

Selma Brook in Promenade


Best Actor nominations

Dudley O’Shaughnessy in Rain Catcher

Omar Khan in The Plunge

Trevor Murphy in My Time

Hisham Khan in Paparazza

If you are able to attend the gala, we will be announcing the winners at the live event.

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