Lockdown Films wanted

For the first time ever, TweetFest is accepting lockdown films. Given the current environment, we want to encourage filmmakers everywhere who have been using their downtime to be creative. For our 6th film festival year, we have a category specifically dedicated to lockdown films.

What do we deem to be a lockdown film?

A film made during isolation/lockdown/quarantine during the Covid-19 outbreak. You must have been in isolation and not able to bring in a normal film crew and equipment to your home.

Understandably if you were locked down with your best 10 filmmaking friends, then you might have had some extra luck on your side regarding filming. But otherwise we would expect that people will have had to use resources they had in their homes already. And remember, it’s about quality storytelling. If your sound isn’t perfect, we won’t judge.

As always, submit your film via FilmFreeway where it will be viewed by our official TweetFest judges. Our judges range between directors, producers, actors, film reviewers, casting directors, literary agents and more, so you can trust you’re in safe hands.

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