We are going online

Well after waiting to see if this pandemic might settle (famous last words) we realise that the rest of the year is likely to look pretty similar. And we could never put our members at risk by meeting in person (nor are we allowed) so we have made the difficult decision to take the festival online. And of course, that means that while we won’t get to meet up in person for a drink, but we will have a cracker of a welcome back party once normal life resumes!

In the meantime, our first round judges are currently reviewing all the amazing submissions that have come in for 2020, and our programmers will soon be deciding on how the festival programme will look. We can’t wait to share it with you all.

And in November we will take the festival to your online doorstep so stay tuned. We can’t wait to reveal all.

And do keep in the loop with the UK Actors Tweetup as we are going to continue doing our online talks until we can go back to meeting in person in Soho.

We miss you all!

The TweetFest team

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