2022 submissions are open

TweetFest Film Festival is delighted to announce that we are open for business for our 8th year running. Our live in-person festival is one of a kind in London, supporting filmmakers from around the globe but with a continuing focus on emerging filmmakers in the UK.

We never talk enough to our filmmakers about why we are different but here are a few things you should know:

🎬 Every submission in our festival is viewed by multiple industry judges!!! Every. Single. Film.

🎬 We encourage and support emerging filmmakers from around the globe to get involved. If you’re starting out, do reach out and say hi. We will help you in any way we can.

🎬 Our festival focuses on helping the filmmakers to advance, even after the festival is over. We offer connections with industry folk who can help elevate your career and put you on the right path to making more short films in the future.

🎬 Our festival gives the finalists access to incredible industry professionals who can make things happen for you. We have put producers in touch with directors, we have had directors seek out talent from our shorts, and production companies meet our filmmakers. We help you meet the RIGHT people for your filmmaking career!

🎬 We offer feedback to any filmmaker who wants it. Granted once you’ve made the film, it’s a bit late to tell you what to change, but we can certainly help you put the best foot forward in your future endeavours, and help you with your current short film’s journey.

🎬 We have cash prizes and industry packages for all our winners.

🎬 We ❤️ filmmakers. We actually care! We want you to succeed and stay in this business for the long haul!

If you have a question about submitting this year we would love you to get in touch with our team. We are always delighted to get to know our entrants, and definitely happy to help.

And finally – THE NEXT DEADLINE on the really early submissions is coming up – it’s a great way to get in early and pay less to have your film watched by our festival via Filmfreeway. All the info is at filmfreeway.com/TweetFest.

Photo by Saketh Garuda @unsplash

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