We loved meeting you at the Film and TV fair

What a brilliant event on the weekend hosted by Cine Circle. It was absolutely wonderful being able to mingle with all of the filmmakers, actors, writers and the likes, and hear what people are working on in the industry right now. One thing we gleaned from the event is that the industry is very much coming out of the pandemic and very much coming back to creating film and TV, and theatre projects, and fostering working relationships, in full force. If anything, it’s happening in a much more focused and powerful way than before. It’s truly inspiring seeing what you, our audience, are out there creating.

If you didn’t get the chance to meet Angela or Mel personally, then do drop us a line at our email and let us know who you are and what you’re up to. Here at the TweetFest Film Festival (and UK Actors Tweetup), we love nothing more than hearing from our members and filmmakers and getting to know what each person is up to in their career. And if we can help champion you or your work, even better! So don’t be a stranger.

We have many more exciting events coming up for the rest of the year – including talks, drinks, and Q&As, so keep checking back at the UK Actors Tweetup events, and we will have updates on the festival itself in the coming weeks.

Stay true to your filmmaking passion! Keep creating. Keep being bold.

p.s. Here’s a few images from the amazing event.

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