Why TweetFest

How we came to be


TweetFest Film Festival was created following the success of the UK Actors Tweetup, which started way back in 2010 to help filmmaking, television and theatre creatives have a safe affordable place to meet leading professionals in the industry. It was only a few years later that the team realised there was room for a film festival in London that could showcase the work of the members. Slowly it grew to become a short film festival that is keenly anticipated and puts the filmmakers work in front of a VIP jury of leading industry professionals who can help change their careers.

Our aim is to continue championing emerging filmmakers so they can grow and become hugely successful filmmakers in their own right. We don’t want their first short film to be the only film they make. We help create futures and champion filmmakers in the UK, and beyond.

Previous years

TweetFest 2022

At the ArtHouse Cinema

TweetFest, 2020
Held online during Covid

TweetFest Gala, 2019
Held at Hackney Picturehouse

Get in touch

We are a friendly bunch and always available to talk further about your short film, ambitions event, or your favourite pet. Simply reach out.