Unfortunately we still have to have rules. So please find following the conditions under which you can enter your film into our annual Film Festival.




Our Tweetfest Film Festival is back again this year. We are already an approved Film Festival on IMDb. And our VIP judges for from previous years have included Blaine Brothers (Nina Forever), Manuel Puro at Puro Casting (Moon, The Machine), Simon Blake (Still), Jessie Mangum from Goalpost Films (The Sapphires, The Trip, The Escapist) and BAFTA nominated producer Alex Moody (Alan Carr, Argumental, BAFTA nominated Funny Valentines) to name a few. More can be seen on our website: www.uktweetfest.com

This festival started in 2015 as part of the UK Actors Tweetup, which has been running since 2010. This is the UK branch of a cross-Atlantic branch of Tweetups that happen in LA, NY, London, Ireland and Nottingham. It is the only networking event of its kind in the UK with the aim of providing a fresh and affordable platform for industry professionals to meet in person and create incredible opportunities in film, television and theatre.

The UK Actors Tweetup will consider entries in the following categories for inclusion in the festival: Animation, documentary, sci-fi, action, fantasy, drama, comedy, horror or thriller. And for 2017 an International short film category has also been added.



Our early bird deadline for entries will be 18:00 hrs (GMT) on Sunday the 17th September. Our regular deadline for entries is 18:00hrs (GMT) on Friday 28th 2017, or 18:00hrs (GMT) on Sunday the 8th October 2017 for the extended deadline. The competition is open to United Kingdom entrants only.

The duration of your film must not exceed 16 minutes 0 seconds including titles and credits.

The UK Actors Tweetup will consider entries in the following categories for inclusion: animation, documentary, sci-fi, action, fantasy, drama, comedy, horror or thriller.

Any film that is a brand film or advertisement cannot be accepted. This is at the UK Actors Tweetup’s discretion as to what is deemed as advertising.

We are only accepting one entry per person for this year’s festival. If you wish to submit a second entry this will need to be submitted by another UK Actors Tweetup member – http://facebook.us2.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=430802a1b69652f4e94eaa8b1&id=02c2f51a00

Just add yourself to our Tweetup mailing list for free to qualify.

Only films completed since September 30th 2015 may be submitted.

If the original language is not English, please ensure that the film includes English subtitles. If a foreign language film is submitted without English subtitles it will not be considered for selection.

If your film is shortlisted, you will be asked to send an exhibition copy of the film in high/full resolution. Specific details of the format we’ll need for screening and where to send it will be discussed with the team of the successful films nearer the event date (in accordance with the Screening and Selection criteria below). The short listed team who submitted their short film will be responsible for making sure the exhibition file is sent to the Tweetup team within the specified timeline for it to be judged and screened at the live event.

Please note that only the director(s) will be credited on the website and any other promotional material. In the case of shortlisted and/or winning co-directors, multiple prizes may be granted at the discretion of the organisers.

This competition is open to UK Actors Tweetup members only. You can become a member by signing up at http://facebook.us2.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=430802a1b69652f4e94eaa8b1&id=02c2f51a00 At least one key member of the team (i.e Director, Producer, DOP, Editor, Actor, Actress etc) must be able to attend the event in November at the Hackney Picturehouse, London, on the 1st November (if for any reason this won’t be possible, we will discuss other options with your team). Need to keep this vague until we know our location and event date.

The primary contact completing the submission process must be authorised to submit the film and must have obtained necessary permissions for the inclusion of copyrighted music and/or images within the films.

As per the entry form, the person submitting the film must be involved as cast, crew or something else on the official credits in order for the short film to be eligible for this competition.

You must have a version of the short available to download in a high resolution version if you are successful and chosen to be screened at the UK Actors Tweetup Film Premier. Information will be provided and sent to you prior to this date.

The UK Actors Tweetup team’s decision is non negotiable and final.

The UK Actors Tweetup team reserve the right to change the date of the screening of TweetFest at their discretion.


A downloadable file delivery is the requirement. Preference is high resolution Prores Quicktime. Tapes, DVD and Bluray are not acceptable forms of submission if your film is selected as a finalist. Films that are low res files or tape masters will not be considered either. If you are unable to meet these requirements your film will no longer be selected as a finalist.

Your entry into the Tweetup festival gives us permission to use up to 30 seconds of your film to promote the festival this year, with an option to also include in next year’s festival (in a trailer, clip of the film on programme of festival website and so on).

You must have at least one hi res defining image or you give us permission to lift one from the hi def master at the Tweetup festival’s discretion if one is not provided, again for promotional and programme use by the festival.

A picture and short biog of the Tweetup member submitting will also assist us in promoting your short film, along with the festival, and to encourage networking. If you are unable to provide these the Tweetup festival will use information available online to include on the website, for festival programming and promotional purposes.

Terms and Conditions are copyright 2017 to UK Actors Tweetup LLP.