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TweetFest doesn’t happen just by clicking our heels and wishing we were home….

Instead we have some amazing companies and individuals who get behind us and help make TweetFest the incredible annual event that it is, showcasing some of Britain’s finest filmmakers. This year, we are delighted to have the support of the following sponsors and partners.

Sponsors of tweetfest

Meet our 2018 key sponsors….

These two organisations are the driving force behind TweetFest taking place, and both companies offer an outstanding service themselves which we would love to tell you about. Meet Thieves Kitchen and Casting Networks.


Thieves Kitchen is a multi-award-winning moving image production agency. We create and produce commercials, sponsor trails, on-air promos, idents, branded content, and corporate film.

Thieves Kitchen

Thieves Kitchen work for companies in the broadcast sector such as Sky, Turner Broadcasting and MTV Networks; and in the corporate sector such as Nationwide, Philips, Inmarsat and Vodafone. Everything we create is inspired by our passion to have a meaningful and measurable impact on the viewer. We want them to think, feel and do.’


The UK’s technology-forward casting solution.

Casting-Networks-Logo sq

Casting Networks provides end-to-end technology and dedicated support for casting in the UK and around the world. They connect actors and representatives with thousands of casting directors worldwide. Casting Networks’ flagship casting software is used by thousands of casting directors on a daily basis. It offers communication, talent submission, scheduling, audition management and secure video sharing.

Actors, we recommend you all sign up and join Casting Networks to get access to the hottest castings and software available in the UK. Find out more about Casting Networks at https://corp.castingnetworks.com/uk/.


Partners for Tweetfest


Anthony Meindl is known worldwide for teaching the next generation of Young Hollywood Stars including Shailene Woodley (Big Little Lies), Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black), Alex Daddario (Baywatch), Pom Klementieff (Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2) and hundreds of others.

AMAW London

At AMAW, you will learn how to book the f#©king job! For over 20 years, and with schools now all over the world, Mr. Meindl has innovated new approaches to the work that get actors to stop “acting” and become real in the fastest way possible. Come see what the excitement is about.

Partners in k tweetfest mini


One Drinks is the UK’s leading ethical drinks brand. Every bottle of One Water, Juiced Water or Origins funds life-changing water projects in the world’s poorest communities.

ONE_CMYK_CYAN_POSOne have now raised over £15 million for sustainable water projects; providing clean, safe water to over 3.2 million lives. Our aim is to raise £20 million by 2020 and you can help by choosing One – because when you drink One, the world drinks too!


Partners in kind at Tweetfest

And our Partners in Kind include:

Outward Film Network 

The Outward Film network aims to connect filmmakers across the Midlands and transofn (1)London; OFM promote zero/low budget film making of both shorts and features. The network covers all aspects of production and can provide support for both actors and filmmakers. They also provide opportunities to local aspiring filmmakers and provide a platform for collaboration and development.

Partners in kind at Tweetfest

Asylum Giant 

Asylum Giant large

Mark Lo, one of this years judges, is the driving force behind Asylum Giant; with over 18 years in the film industry, producer Mark has worked on films and TV across many genres and has made a career of specializing in music for moving picture. He started with the film music company Air-Edel in 1999, moving into music supervision before helping establish the film music fund with the Cutting Edge Group in 2009. Mark’s established Asylum Giant in 2015 to develop a slate of challenging and entertaining Film and TV projects, alongside a strand of music based documentaries. Included in his slate is an adaptation of the award winning book ‘ALL THE BIRDS, SINGING’ with renowned producer Gillian Berrie and the continent straddling music documentary ‘Count Me In.’

Partners in kind at Tweetfest


WeAudition LOGOThere are so many useful things you can do on WeAudition and WeRehearse. The whole shebang is over here on this link: HOW IT WORKS. And BONUS FOR TWEETUP MEMBERS: members can get a 25% discount when they join up by using the code TWEETFEST25 when they sign up. Actors can run lines with other actors, get coaching tips and have one to ones. The sky’s the limit.

Partners in kind at Tweetfest

Kino London

Kino London is the only monthly open-mic night film event of its kind in London, offering filmmakers an inclusive, open platform. It is a worldwide network of filmmakers, creatives and video technicians and is as raw, fresh and exciting as filmmaking gets…

Filmmakers register in advance to screen their short at the next event, sight unseen. There are no themes, no pre-selection and no restrictions, other than that films be under 6 minutes, on dvd, and include the Kino London logo at the end, just for our screening. Filmmakers turn up with their film on the night, introduce it personally then stick around to discuss their work with audience and filmmakers alike.

Partners in kind at Tweetfest


WGM Literary Management

WGM Literary is part of WGM Talent Management, based in Manchester, and was formed with the aim of helping fresh new voices to be heard in an increasingly competitive publishing industry. WGM Literary’s knowledge and first hand experience of the media world gives them a visionary and forward thinking perspective on industry trends enabling the team to seek out and match publishers to authors. Working closely with their authors in order to successfully guide them through the publication process – encouraging, mentoring and advising on content and all editorial aspects wherever necessary.

WGM Literary also devote time and valuable experience to nurturing new talent, helping the authors develop successful writing careers. As the publishing industry continues to rapidly evolve WGM Literary Management is committed to giving innovative, honest and constructive services and advice.

Partners in kind at Tweetfest

Mini Productions

Mini_Productions_Logo_Master_Dark_Blue_RGBAt their core, Mini Productions believe in the power of storytelling and the magic that lies behind escaping reality and diving into the world of another.  Mini Productions is a multi award-winning London based production company currently developing a slate of feature films and TV. It was founded in 2012 by April Kelley with a mission to nurture creative talent and bring stories to life on screen. In 2014 Sara Huxley joined the company and together they expanded into production for theatre. With a wealth of contacts at their fingertips and a focus on the power of storytelling, they bring together the best team possible for each project and intelligently craft new ideas into innovative and exciting realities, with their personal touch.

Partners in kind at Tweetfest

Cinema Jam


The place for directors, producers and film freelancers, Cinema Jam hold regular members-only Jam Sessions and weekend courses in partnership with ShortCourses@NFTS. As a network of professionals, Cinema Jam provide educational and job opportunities through their social media channels and publish an online magazine, The Spread.


Partners in kind at Tweetfest