Announcing our finalists for the TweetFest gala

And now for our finalists…drum roll please…..

Dir. James Albarn
A kind and humble driving instructor returns home to find that everything has changed. He must overthrow his arch nemesis, Dean Green, to restore justice to the driving instructor community.
Starring: Clifford Hume & Ewen Macintosh


Dir. Aurora Fearnley
A young woman makes a dawn escape from a commune she has grown to distrust.
Starring: Olivia Morgan & Lucy Russell

Red River
Dir. Emma Lindley
Child bride Muni runs away from home and is pursued by her fiancé.
Starring: Goldy Notay & Munir Khairdin

Dir. Guillaume Fradin
A young female astronaut trains for the first expedition to Mars.
Starring: Shanice Stewart-Jones

Dir. Ellen Waddell
Gwen, a straight-talking female comedian, has an itchy infection in an intimate area, but must behave “appropriately” during an important business dinner with her boyfriend. In a comedy set a few nights later, she reflects on the increasingly disastrous evening, her relationship fears, and how her itchy private parts may have inadvertently saved the day.
Starring: Danielle Ward

Wise Girl
Dir. Alex Swinfen
An eccentric young woman, who walks, talks and dresses like a prohibition gangster struggles to cope when she is caught between a boy who fancies her and some loansharks on a fateful day at work.
Starring: Gemma Whelan, Joe Pasquale & Harriet Thorpe

And here is more about the festival:

TWEETFEST 2016 is taking place at the Hackney Picturehouse on Nov 1st with our call for short film finalists. In the spirit of what the UK Actors Tweetup team (and all our international counterparts) aim to create, this is all about sharing the remarkable work of the people who make our events so magical – YOU!

On the festival gala night there will be an Audience Award for your favourite short with prizes for our overall Short Film Festival winner, Best Actor and Best Cinematography (all judged by the VIP panel). And we will have Press and a photographer there to capture the evening for us too. We look forward to celebrating with you.

Book your gala ticket for only £10 here:


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