Official sponsors make magic happen

Every year a few incredible companies come on board to help TweetFest create an unstoppable film festival and screening platform for our officially selected shorts and finalists. Without them, none of this would be possible.

Our sponsors have the most amazing businesses in their own right. And we want to share with you who they are and what they do!

Meet Thieves Kitchen….

Thieves Kitchen

Thieves Kitchen is a multi-award-winning moving image production agency. We create and produce commercials, sponsor trails, on-air promos, idents, branded content, and corporate film.

Thieves Kitchen work for companies in the broadcast sector such as Sky, Turner Broadcasting and MTV Networks; and in the corporate sector such as Nationwide, Philips, Inmarsat and Vodafone. Everything we create is inspired by our passion to have a meaningful and measurable impact on the viewer. We want them to think, feel and do.’

Find them here and don’t forget to check out their Instagram and Twitter page.

Thieves Kitchen on Instagram

And meet Casting Networks…

The UK’s technology-forward casting solution.

Casting Networks provides end-to-end technology and dedicated support for casting in the UK and around the world. They connect actors and representatives with thousands of casting directors worldwide. Casting Networks’ flagship casting software is used by thousands of casting directors on a daily basis. It offers communication, talent submission, scheduling, audition management and secure video sharing.

Actors, we recommend you all sign up and join Casting Networks to get access to the hottest castings and software available in the UK. Find out more about Casting Networks at

And you can find them here on Find them here and don’t forget to check out their Instagram and Twitter page.

Casting Networks UK Instagram is filled with fun!

We thank both of our amazing sponsors. And you can see all of our official partners here. 

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