Where we came from…

We don’t actually go bowling but maybe we should!….So that picture is a bit of false advertising. But we do have just as much fun as if you were going ten pin bowling! Our Tweetfest Film Festival was started in 2015 as part of the UK Actors Tweetup, a cross-Atlantic branch of Tweetups that happen in LA, NY, London, Ireland and Nottingham.

The ethos behind Tweetups is that they are a way for industry professionals, whether brand new or highly experienced, can meet, mingle and catchup in a relaxed informal way regularly. We meet in a central London venue and our regular guest include Directors, Producers, Casting Directors, Actors, Writers, Composers and more… We love that as a result of our events, Directors have hired actors, Producers have found writers, actors have connected with other actors, Casting Directors have brought actors in to audition, and now a Film Festival has even been born.

We would love you to join us and be a part of the Tweetup team, here or around the globe. Subscribe to our UK events here (we never spam or share your email with any other groups) and you can connect with us on all the normal social media spots – Facebook, Twitter and the likes. And if you have a short film that must be seen, why not enter into the TweetFest Film Festival competition.


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