Our regular deadline is closing soon

You’ll be pleased to know that no lockdown is going to stop us from continuing on with the show… and because of that, we want your entries for our 2020 TweetFest Film Festival now. We are still accepting shorts as part of the regular deadline on FilmFreeway for another few days. So it’s not too late to enter for a bargain and give us your best short made in the last two years (as long as it’s under 16 minutes).

As always, we pride ourselves on having incredibly talented rockstar VIP judges on the jury to decide not only on the winners, but also decide on the best actor and best actress awards (okay so they are technically winners too…but we love an actor accolade a lot!). And as such, if you’re an actor who is keen to get your work seen, then we recommend that now is the time to nudge that director or producer to enter that short that you were INCREDIBLE in, into our film festival.

Submit now!

VIP judges who are already confirmed for 2020 include casting directors Ben Cogan and Shakyra Dowling. And we will be announcing more judges in the forthcoming weeks.

Every short film that is submitted to TweetFest is viewed by multiple judges. That is an important part of our promise to filmmakers everywhere. We aren’t one of those fakey fakey film festivals pretending to masquerade as the real thing. Nope! Your short films are watched by professional industry folk every year, and if it’s a finalist it’s watched by some of the biggest industry names every year. And we will continue to do so as long as the film festival runs.

We look forward to seeing your film! And don’t forget, if you made a lockdown film, we want that too – we are sending all proceeds raised from this category straight to charity! Check out FilmFreeway for more details.

And we do hope to see you all at our annual TweetFest gala (come on Covid…go away!).

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